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"Our economy and millions of small businesses have been horribly affected by our self-imposed economic shut-down."

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FREE ACA Membership Until Our Country is Back to Full Employment.

Dear Conservative:

Now, more than ever, conservative businesses and consumers need to help each other.

As we face the hardships presented by the Coronavirus crisis, we all need to do what we can to support our economy and the many small businesses that have been horribly affected by our self-imposed economic shut-down.

Whether you believe we overreacted to the Coronavirus crisis or not, the fact remains that it has done serious damage to our economy.

Massive unemployment numbers and hardship on small business will be felt long after we have forgotten about Coronavirus. The final toll on hard-working Americans and our country is not yet clear.

But one thing is clear: We need to help each other during this time.

Here at ACA, we’re willing to do our small part. There will be no charge for ACA Memberships until our unemployment numbers get back to normal. This is not the time to ask hard-working conservatives to put up another few dollars when it is going to be hard to put food on the table, make mortgage payments or pay down our debts.

We’re not sure how long it will take for our economy to come back, but we will maintain free memberships at least until the major effects of this crisis have passed.

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Please use the membership form below and we’ll reply shortly with your membership ID. To help save a few bucks for postage on our end, we are temporarily suspending the issuance of a printed membership certificate. We will, however, email you a PDF copy of a certificate that you can print and frame on your own.

Thanks for being a Conservative American.

We are confident that once this crisis passes, our country will get back on the path to prosperity that has existed for the last three years.

Stephen Flanagan

ACA Founder


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