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The Assault on Our Freedom Continues

Dear Conservative:

The emergence of the Coronavirus crisis shows us just how powerful our government can be. We won’t cast judgment (yet) on whether shutting down our economy was necessary, but the impact cannot be denied.

American businesses, hard-working Individual Americans and our entire economic system has been disrupted. The so-called “experts” still have no idea how devastating the impact of the shut-down will be.

Consider new “regulations” that allow people to stop making mortgage, credit card, car loan, student loan, rent and other debt payments. Do you think only people that actually can’t make those payments will stop? NO!!!! Everyone is going to stop, even those with government jobs whose salaries have not been affected.

The expectation that only those in need will take advantage of these options defies human nature. This means the projected negative impact of these policies will be far more devastating than the “experts” think.

Additionally, what business that has been forced to close will operate its Account Payable Department? They won’t. Even if companies wanted to pay their bills on time, since their receivables have stopped, they in turn must stop their payables.

They are “passing on” the misery.

Bottom Line? The sooner our economy gets back to work, the better.

We are hopeful that decisions will be made by people that can cast aside political correctness and the Armageddon warnings of pseudo-experts and get America back to work.

In the meantime, ACA has suspended its fees for membership. You can join now for FREE so we can help each other climb back to the prosperity we had just a few months ago.

We wish you well and we hope our economic recovery can start very soon.

Be safe!


Stephen Flanagan

ACA Founder